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An Oarsman's Words
In somnolence we share a solemn sigh
Beneath the sky that Horus soon will claim.
A beast on the horizon turns its eye
To us- but is, through nervous laughter, tamed.
The river pulls us gently; still we row,
Beneath each exhalation cursing fate.
Half-hearted heaves betray the secret known:
Along the delta lies the beast in wait.
We whisper to the fish that pass below,
But as they swim they offer no respite.
They merely dance around the words we sow;
An oarsman's words mean nothing to a sprite.
From time to time I reach beyond the planks,
Possessed by restlessness I cannot shed.
I take my oar and mark the riverbanks
With lines and patterns floating in my head.
I wonder if, when we no longer row,
Those who come after us will see and know.
:icondillonisadumbass:dillonisadumbass 1 0
We Stirred the Silent Night
We stirred
The silent night.
I stood among the moths
While he knelt over crawling bugs
Dripped from his mouth.
He gripped the concrete edge
And said, "Were this a cliff, I would
Be dead."
:icondillonisadumbass:dillonisadumbass 2 0
The Old Road
We used to share this narrow road,
It was like home, some long abode.
We traveled with no end in mind,
And left to chance what we would find.
    In memory, a humble ode.
Time brought change, night felled by day.
You each went on your separate ways.
I still walk the narrow road.
    It isn't quite the same.
Sometimes, by chance, we seem to find
Our paths will cross, as roads will wind.
And on those times our paths have crossed,
We walked the road for time we've lost;
And though nobody seemed to mind,
    It wasn't quite the same.
:icondillonisadumbass:dillonisadumbass 0 0
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On the Topic of Life
I went out for a walk today, I went out for a walk,
I saw my neighbor along the way and we began to talk,
"My friend!", he said, "please come inside, and view my grand contraption",
I followed him in and in and through and saw the beast in action.
'Twas then there came a whirring screech, a bright and blinding flash,
Marvelous clinks and stomping thuds and once my daze had passed,
"The first to see is what you are", my friend himself declared,
the first to see what I have made, and life is what I've dared."
While I'm amazed, I must admit, it gave me quite a scare,
Nothing I know prepared me for this- this golem made aware,
A towering and awful thing, though it made its owner proud,
(It made me want to run and scream profanities aloud).
"It's beautiful!" I falsely spoke and edged and edged away,
"Why, I thank you," he said, no intent to ruin my day - "But,"
"This machine, it needs a soul, you see, to be like you, like you and me,
and I've got just the trick: a prick you'll feel, no more
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 1 0
3rd Encounter
I met you by the bomb-bay doors
where you were cherry red.
You said to "call me later",
but you won't last a day. Instead,
I'll meet you on the ground,
God willing that we land -
though don't try to polish me off
as soon as I can stand.
We'll meet up down the hall a bit,
sneak off and have our fun.
But you won't last as long as me,
three minutes and you're done.
But you'll meet me best of all as I lie asleep in bed,
and you hide me one more time, bar the stench of the dead.
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 2 3
Into the Forest by aGiantSquid Into the Forest :iconagiantsquid:aGiantSquid 2 0 Abandoned Shack by aGiantSquid Abandoned Shack :iconagiantsquid:aGiantSquid 2 0 kissing snake by tonysandoval
Mature content
kissing snake :icontonysandoval:tonysandoval 335 17
stupid head
the words you wrote
used to frustrate
and upset me
but looking back
i can find truth
even in places
i can't find
and i'm still confused
about some things
about whether
could have been phrased
i'm still confused
about whether we're
drif t  
or if we're just
growing up and
losing space
in our minds,
or running
out of time
for each other-
it's a particularly devastating thought on my end because i know that if we are standing on separate beaches, it was my boat that took me away from you. i'd sink the goddamn vessel and use it again as a vessel for the anger that i'm too proud to allow to leave traces on my skin again. i pray it doesn't find it's way back to your beach like this.
now i'm mostly missing pieces
and i'm not su
:iconstuff7:stuff7 4 0
she was sick of city lights
and city nights strung out by bars,
wasting cigarette smoke
on hollow lungs and lonely stones,
so when the stars rose again
she packed her bags and left
her memories with the skyscrapers.
she drove until the night turned
upside down and
the sun was on its head,
and when she reached the trees
she walked instead of
wasting the world.
she brushed her fingers
through ringed centuries
on trees in a forest
made of cherrywood dreams,
and she smiled
at the kiss of the sun
and the blessing of memories,
:iconkhaimin:Khaimin 17 2
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the serpent and the eft

when all the wars have ended we're bereft
of home and hope but have not yet been killed
so we construct a life from what is left
the new beginnings truly have no heft
all springs of old revival had been stilled
when all the wars have ended we're bereft
pained by misfortunes by our failures cleft
none can be certain of the truly willed
so we construct a life from what is left
of the old world knowing full well the deft
conversion to the new won't be distilled
when all the wars have ended we're bereft
of wisdom but we fear no further theft
our knowledge and our sorrow both fulfilled
so we construct a life from what is left
while in the dust the serpent and the eft
conduct their searches we must turn to build
when all the wars have ended we're bereft
so we construct a life from what is left
:iconfledgist:Fledgist 3 0
blame dull fate

where no one sits there’s no reason to wait
yet there are many who with sharp regard
look in the distance with eyes that are hard
to see what they can measure of the gait
or bearing of the folk whose heavy freight
will end like all things in the somber yard
together with the honest and disbarred
and all that we can do is blame dull fate
our vision does not fail yet when we glance
outside the window matters not so bold
will move us not to hope but unto ire
for what we know seems ruled by evil chance
while brilliant sunshine does nothing to cold
since long ago each chose to bank the fire
:iconfledgist:Fledgist 1 0
the girl with freckles by Ralu77 the girl with freckles :iconralu77:Ralu77 62 8


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Thank you very much for the favorite. c:
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I'm totally watching you because I am fascinated by the ephemeral nature behind the meanings of your works. Your poem about the Silent Night soon becomes debased into a tragedy of futility which whispers enticingly into the depths of my soul, allowing me to feel a real sense of nihilism and futility.